Welcome to the NSF Net-Centric and Cloud Software & Systems Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (NCSS) home page.

Our Center focuses on a collaborative approach of research and development in net-centric and Cloud systems. This allows us to draw on the expertise of industry and academia.

Net-Centric operations offer a computing model for the future. In this paradigm, we no longer view applications as having a fixed set of capabilities: we see them as a set of highly reliable services that are dynamically created from acquired services, then verified and validated in the field in real-time.

Cloud computing offers many advantages. NCSS conducts research on software development,  resource management, SLA compilance, workload modeling, evalute emerging technologies for Cloud and net-centric environments,

Why Join Us


  • Proven model optimized for collaboration between industry, government and academia
  • Access to pre-competitive and basic research
  • Leveraged "force multiplier" to accelerate generation of new ideas for product innovation
  • Opportunities to network and partner with technology leaders and innovators
  • A single point source for company and staff education on emerging technologies
  • An expert source for company staff education and training in emerging technologies
  • A targeted, low-risk, and cost-effective complement to selected in-house R&D
  • Both royalty free non-exclusive and royalty bearing exclusive licensing available
  • Access to trained workforce
  • Opportunity to direct University research
  • Opportunity to establish high-quality, long-term relationships with researchers

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How to join

A business can join the Center as an Industrial Member and sign a membership agreement with any of the Academic Institutions. Each Industrial Member is entitled to a representative on the Industrial Advisory Board that decides which projects will be funded from the pooled annual dues. Industrial Members have non-exclusive royalty-free access to research conducted by the center. Other licensing agreements are also available.

For further information about the Center or memberships, please contact Dr. Krishna Kavi, director of the Net-Centric Software & Systems Center at kavi@cse.unt.edu or (940) 369-7216.

For a sample membership agreement, click here.

April IAB meeting was very successful

updated: Apr 10, 2015 at 02:42 (18 days ago)

The April IAB meeting was held on April 8, 2015 at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. There were about 50 attendees including current IAB members, potential industrial members, students, fauculty and a NSF evaluator. More than a dozen formal presentations and more than 20 poster presentations were included in the program. Photos from the event can be found here.